Who Can Use this Service

- Churches,Fun Clubs, Associations, Unions etc.

- Corporate Organizations

- Schools

- Financial Institutions

- Micro Finance Companies

- Individuals etc.

What To Use This Service For

-Send Notifications messages

-Send Reminders

-Send Announcements

-Send Invitations

-Send Updates

-Send General Messages


-Address Book

-Text / Flash SMS

-Credit Purchased doesn't expire

-Delivery: Max. 5 Secs

-Scheduled SMS'ing'

-Install on your Desktop and also get a web account.

-SMS can be sent from your Desktop or from your web account.

-Customize senderís Name

-Easy to use and quick

-Realtime Delivery

-View SMS Delivery Status in MS Excel format

-Free technical support

-Free support on creating database of contacts (data entry, Address book help etc.)

-We can integrate the SMS Application into your company/personal website, so you can send SMS from the website.†